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The mission? To help you achieve extensive financial & personal abundance, disrupt your version of "normal" and let you know that you can become wildly successful, NOW!

Create the Time, Money & Freedom You Desire

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Regan's created Your SuccessHub to take your life to the next level!

It's time to enjoy your own success, abundance, and profitable lifestlye

With over $50,000 worth of coaching and mentoring each year, you can watch trainings, request specific topics, and even ask Regan your own questions!

Your SuccessHub is a step-by-step guide that lets you control your life - watch your results dramatically compound as you consistently apply your coaching week after week!

It's Easy to Get Started:

Become a Member of Your SuccessHub

This training is a gift. With people who are investing over $50,000 a year to access this training, it is unheard of to access this quality of impactful training for such a small investment.

Access Proven Strategies & Coaching

Access hours and hours revealing Regan's highest quality content and best-proven strategies for successful living. Remove unconscious blocks and master your entire unconscious mind.

Finally Live the Lifestyle You Want!

It's the shortcut to success. Why spend the years and years, and thousands of dollars that Regan's spent to get results, when she can just share with you all of the actionable information right now?

Regan Hillyer International

Regan Hillyer International is 100% online, women owned and socially conscious.

Regan's passion is  powered by a vision where every human has the ability to unlock their greatness and achieve extensive financial and personal abundance.

Getting in touch with Regan: The best way is to email her at [email protected] She is constantly focusing on increasing her standards and would love to hear from you.

If there’s anything Regan can do from her end to improve your experience with the brand, or if you have ideas to share, let her know!

See you at the top!


The Regan Hillyer International Young Influencers Scholarship!


  • Be Your Brand Young Influencers Mastermind Event Ticket 
  • 12 Months Access To The SuccessHub Mindset Training 
  • Access To The Online Empire Builder 12 Week Course 
  • 12 Months of Private 1:1 Coaching With The Head Of Coaching at RHI, Robyn Nikora
  • 12 Months of Private Mentorship With Regan Hillyer 


Scholarship includes $44,000 of mentoring, coaching and education 
Must be between 13 - 17 yrs. of age.

Applications are now closed
BUT join Regan for her FREE live training on “Making Millions From Your Message”
PLUS - announcement of the Young Influencers Scholarship winner!
Click Here to Register Your Spot on the Training!

Regan is Passionate About Her Work:


Passionate Coach

Regan feels extremely fortunate to have the freedom and excitement that she experiences in every area of her life. It’s authentic, extensive and complete. 


Successful Entrepreneur

Regan has founded several companies, invested in real estate and has transformed the lives of thousands across many different industries including training, music, mindset and education.


Motivated Educator

Regan runs international programs, helping thousands of people reach their true performance potential. The feeling she gets from impacting these people is so empowering.


“Since working with Regan I have achieved all of the goals we set out to achieve. Regan is really supportive and completely positive in all of our interactions. She has challenged my thinking and had 100% belief in me, when I didn’t. I am now inspired to be all that I can be. I now have clarity, direction and more importantly, I now know that if there is something I want in my life, I can have it! Thank you Regan for all that you have done.”

— Nicki Smith, NZ

"Thanks for everything Regan. The tips, strategies and NLP skills are valuable. Everyone was terrific. A great group of women. I wish everyone the best of luck."
"I don’t know how to express my gratitude Regan. The warmth in that room was humbling.
I'm taking away that feeling and anchoring Peace."

Create the Time, Money & Freedom You Desire

Are you overwhelmed with all the information out there on launching or growing your personal brand online? I've set out to show you how to discover and claim YOUR unique gifts, then create the business empire around them, just like I have with my multimillion dollar online business.

Work from anywhere, anytime, doing what you love! Sound good?

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