"I have been fortunate enough to work with Regan for almost a year. Since working with her, I have achieved all the goals we set out to do.

She is supportive and extremely positive in all our interactions. Regan challenged my thinking and had absolute faith in me even when I didn’t. She has totally inspired me to be all I can. Coaching and mentoring is an investment in ones self and I can honestly sat I’d still be muddling through, wondering what to do with my life. I have clarity, direction but more importantly , the knowledge that if i want something enough, i can get it. Thank you Regan for all you have done. "
Nicki S - Banking Specialist and Business Owner

Adrianne W - Cape Town, South Africa

Tara V - Florida, USA

Lisa H - Adelaide, Australia

Marissa L - Auckland, New Zealand

Mickey R - Pretoria, South Africa

Dana V - Florida, USA

Jess S - Brisbane, Australia

Bianca D - Sydney, Australia

Rita D - Adelaide, Australia

"Hey Regan. Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for everything that you have done for me! Your personal coaching sessions are of such massive value - what I have managed to achieve makes them invaluable to me.The changes you have helped create in the one area of my life that we were working on have spread into all areas of my life. Your drive to get a result is second to none and I’ve had so much fun along the way! Your support and passion is truly amazing and have made the sessions and what we achieved so worthwhile. Keep doing what you do."

Michelle H - Interior Architect 

"Thanks for everything Regan. The tips, strategies and NLP skills are valuable. Everyone was terrific. A great group of women. I wish everyone the best of luck."

Vicki B - Author 

"As the end of the year draws near, I reflect on what an amazing transformation it has been. I want to send big gratitude to Regan for helping be a catalyst for change in my life. To be in a place in my life that I know in the very core of my being that I am enough and confident to let the true me finally shine, I am in a great place and feel truly powerful as a woman."

Sharmilla B - Nurse

"Just loved Regan’s Passion to Paycheck book. Simple and clear and speaks to me. It has definitely motivated me in to action."

Maxie S - Writer
"Hey Regan! I just wanted to say that you are an ABSOLUTE STAR! You are full of energy, brightness, and wisdom. You know the right questions to ask and when to ask them. You are my mentor and my inspiration.  I’ve learnt so much from you, met so many amazing people through you and all I can say is a MASSIVE Thank You. To anyone considering Regan as a Coach, DO IT. It’ll be the best investment you’ve done in a long time. Oh - and I’m only 17. She's set me on course with multiple passive income streams, and many other goals - including relationships. I wanted a new, amazing, passionate relationship. We set a date, and made that goal a reality. Be prepared to completely change if you choose Regan as your coach."
Josh K - Budding Entrepreneur 

"I have successfully turned my passion into my paycheck thanks to my mindset and strategy coaching with Regan! I honestly didn’t think I could do it - but working with Regan has paid off!!!!"

Anna J - Full time mum, now retired from her 9-5! 

"I believe in universal signs so in recent weeks when three inspirational women I follow all wrote or spoke about vision boards and manifesting your dreams, I decided its a sign. I am working on my vision board. Thank you Regan for your advice on writing specific criteria for what I want in my life. Great things are already happening and the best is yet to come."

Charlotte L - Online Blogger

"I don’t know how to express my gratitude Regan. The warmth in that room was humbling. Im taking away that feeling and anchoring Peace."

Sivoney G - Small Business Owner

"I have had the best weekend with Regan. Best one in a long time. I meet an amazing bunch of people who not only supported and challenged me but made me grow. Thanks so much guys. Love you all."

Margaret J - Early Child Care Teacher

"I'm at an age where you think (and get told) that you’re too old to change. I had been carrying guilt, remorse, anger, low self-esteem and trust issues. Do you know how heavy that feels? I thought I was going loopy (that’s what I had also been told). Without Regan and her team, I would not be standing taller or truly smiling like I am today. I’ve waited a lifetime for someone like you. Regan’s warmth and the genuine love and care that was being projected by her and her beautiful team in that room will be stamped in my unconscious until the day I die… or maybe even beyond.

The skills I learned will help me be there for my little family, friends and be able to help them when they need it. Thank you for helping me open that beautiful door that seemed jammed for such a long time. I know this is just the begging and its a great beginning . I know I am a different person already. I'm even sleeping better. I'm at CAUSE and in control of my life! Thank you ."

Sivoney G - Small Business Owner

"Each wonderful day provides lessons and experiences on the journey towards fully developing my understanding of what it means to be a woman of high value. Thank you Regan for coaching me on this journey."

Teresa L - Life Coach

"I've read many books on self help and personal development over the years and I found Regan's book to be completely refreshing. It has been written in such a clear and friendly way - almost as if you're sitting face to face with her, friend to friend. Its packed with useful information - you'll find yourself referring to it over and over again - as you work towards making your passion your paycheck. I recommend this book to anyone looking for clarity in their life. It not only helps you gain that clarity, but it then provides you with the tools to bring it to fruition. Great book! "

Charlene P - Professional Network Marketer

"Thanks for Regan, I found out what I always wanted to do way back when I was 18 and life got in the way. Time to enroll and start training! I found my vehicle to help and support me there and now I can go back and study. Thank you Regan you truly are inspirational. So many lives are and will change because you choose to share your wisdom."

Shananneda P - Business Owner

"Regan just wanted to acknowledge you and your amazing work and commitment you put into each and everyday to helping so many people become better not only in themselves but also in their line of business. I finally got the chance to access the Your SuccesHub training and found myself enjoying your amazing training videos and didn't even realise I went over my work time. It just shows me how much I am willing to listen, learn and take as much in to help me with going further to becoming a success. Thank you for all that you do 🙂 Can’t wait to start my day at 5am every morning xx"

Koroma J - Business Owner

"Regan’s courses have completely accelerated my businesses! Regan has given me permission to step into ‘that zone’ and actually get the results I have been trying (for so many years) to achieve in my business! "

John S - Professional Network Marketer

"Regan, just want to say what a great meeting it was last night - so informative and encouraging. You do what you do so well."

Silvia M - Graphic Designer

"Had the most incredible weekend learning all about myself, my past and my future. What my triggers are , my gifts, my purpose and how to meet and talk to men. I’ve learnt how to open up, how to reach my feminine core (oh my god) and so much more. I have shared, laughed, cried and made some very special friendships - it felt like a new family. Regan’s coaching is a must for anyone past hurt, fears or anything thats holding them back from being their true self or reaching their full potential."

Sarah R - Lawyer

"The coaching was awesome! Regan is dynamic, motivating and inspiring. I think everyone who attended experienced AHA moments and growth. I know I made some new friends and identified areas that I can work on by compound change by 2% each time. I know I will use the skills and techniques I learned in my interactions with people and be able to influence them in a positive way. I look forward to massive changes in my life by overcoming the plateaus that have kept me stuck."

Sarah Z - Property Investor

"I just wanted to shout out to Regan because after watching the "set up your day for success" intro video last night. I followed your advice and this is the first time in months i have felt so organised and had clarity and structure! I have completed my exercise, strategic thinking, my interview with myself, my 3 month goals - and its 1pm and i have already completed my 3 focus points! I'm really grateful and looking forward to watching the 1st training video now!!"

Marissa L - Entrepreneur
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