$10k months

$10K months and beyond are the new normal


$10k months

$10k months and
beyond are
the new


Get ready to up-level

Are you ready to have $10k months and beyond be your new NORMAL?

Or are you already rocking out $10K months but KNOW there is a struggle-free way to accelerate into greater levels of income?

The truth is that most people will NEVER achieve $10K a month, they get stuck only dreaming about it. However, this POWERFUL, instant access video training hosted by Regan herself will show you how to avoid being one of these people, and finally, step into true abundance whilst having FUN too!

Regan will dive deep with you…

Breaking down exactly what it took for her success

The internal mindset shifts Regan made

How to align to the energy of $10k months

What it takes strategically

How to condition your money mindset

The most important place to start

Why most people will never make $10k a month and how to avoid this

How you can elevate from $10k months, rapidly

The key traps pinning you to your current level of income

How to ensure that you generate this through helping people at a deep level

How to do this all from anywhere in the world that you choose

How to avoid overwhelm and confusion

The key sabotage patterns that keep most people stuck where they are

How to make sure you are always having fun whilst doing this!

“Loved every minute of the training!

..I had massive breakthroughs, destroying limiting beliefs, every time I have doubts about ‘can I really do this'? I go to start where you are right now, act from the person you want to become as if I'm already where I want to be. It always helps me and brings back my ‘dream big” me.”

-Adriana Mendez-Snowden