30 Day Content Creation Intensive

Become a content machine!


30 Day Content

Become a


Learn the secrets

And unleash more content and offers,
Than ever before…

Creating compelling content, regularly, for multiple digital and social platforms can feel like an overwhelming task for any entrepreneur. But it DOESN'T need to eat up all of your time and energy. In this course, Regan shows you her exact content strategies and techniques that she used to attract and NURTURE her impressive audience. With 30 private videos, running over 30 days, with lifetime access, you will finally know the secrets of how to become a content machine!

You will learn how to…

Develop Own Unique Content Strategy

Move Past Fears of Getting Your Message Out There

Increase Exposure and Visibility

Use Daily Sales Activity Rituals

Understand Multiple Platforms And How To Utilize Them

Define Content Home

Develop a Paid Content Creation Strategy

Making Money Daily

” I absolutely KNOW that I will never run out of content!

…I'm literally BLOWN AWAY over how much content I've generated during the content challenge! I'm going over some of my journals (always use pen and paper) and pulling out the content that I will use for my membership videos, and it's just endless! And when I write it out, more comes flooding through 🙂 How powerful is that.”

-Lilja Bjarnadóttir

” I feel like I just nailed my true message!

I started this 30 day challenge with no clear direction on what I was creating and what seemed like 100's of sub-messages about my passion and why I was creating what I had started in my businesses.. But just now, I feel like I just nailed my TRUE MESSAGE, my core purpose and passion of what I am here to share with the world. Huge ah-ha moment and huge satisfaction.”

-Tara Brown