7 Days to a Kick-Ass New You

Are you ready to step up and change?

7 Days to a Kick-Ass New You

Are you

ready to

step up

Are you where you want to be?

NOTHING is going to change until YOU change.

7 Days to a Kick-Ass New You is an intensive online mastermind that consists of 7 daily INTENSIVE live trainings designed to kick you into massive alignment with where you need to be in ALL areas of your life.

The training is all about rebooting you and your MINDSET from the inside out!

If you know that the key to changing your external reality, your relationships, money, career, contribution lies within you, then this course is going to be perfect for you.

You will…

Get Clarity and Living in Alignment with what you TRULY DESIRE

Dive Deep Into What You Truly Desire At Your Core!

Use Pain and Pleasure to Motivate Your Unconscious to Change!

Get Clear On EXACTLY What Is Limiting You And Removing Those Limits, PRONTO!

Learn To Dance With Fear and Overcoming UNCONTROLLABLE Fear

Create a Success Plan and Using Compounding Success to Get FAST Results!

Learn How to Lock Unconscious Goals Into Your Future!

” Thank goodness I did it!!!

…I have much much more clarity on who I am and I'm going to OWN IT! For years I've been saying that I'm ‘just' a teacher and to be honest was a little embarrassed telling people when asked. Don't get me wrong I loveeeee teaching but I just felt that I wasn't doing enough to deserve the ‘title'. However, the training has just solidified my identities and i'm proud of them and going to OWN THEM like nobody's business.”

-Melissa A Porter

” I loved this SO much!

…I didn’t want to come out. I was still dancing away after you said to open your eyes ? I’m discovering pain is my motivator for wealth, career and pleasure for health and life.”

-Tonia Koodrin