7 Figure Manifestation Workshop

Step into your Higher Self

7 Figure Manifestation Workshop

Step into your
Higher Self

It's time to shift

Want to shift from where you are right now to be more, do more, have more and give more??

This powerful, 2 hour training with Regan uncovers the secrets to manifesting the life and income you desire. When we can meet the income and opportunities we desire at the same level of vibration, we can call into our lives an unlimited flow of abundance.

You will learn how to…

How to rapidly increase your income
How to step into the higher version of yourself
Your personal manifestation daily routine design
Overcoming blocks and limits around money at a high level
Stepping into the energy of 7 figure manifestation
7 figure money tracking secrets
Shifting unconscious beliefs around money
How to create 7 figures and beyond in total alignment

“The classes she taught were so fricking amazing

One kid in Regan’s class always dreamed of starting a T-shirt company but he thought he had to go to college and get a job to fund it. After Regan’s lessons that week, he started on Thursday, by Saturday he had started a T-shirt company online and had made his first sale.”

-Vishen Lakhiani Founder of Mindvalley