Coach the Coach

The 5 week laser coaching certification

Coach the Coach

The 5 week laser coaching certification


Coach the Coach

Do you desire to deeply help people in the world by being a coach? Or, are you already a coach but want to get to the next level?

Coach the coach involves weekly, private group coaching for 5 weeks where Regan personally teaches everything you need to know to help you AND your clients achieve life changing results in lightening fast time. 

Once the training is completed, you will become a certified laser coach through Regan Hillyer International!

If you are starting out as a coach, or even have a successful coaching business, this course can teach you the exact, honed down methods to help you AND your clients achieve lightening fast results in 20 minutes or LESS through the power of laser coaching. What’s more, is it gives you the tools to create a coaching practice that thrives WITHOUT the need for you to diminish your energy and time.

The courses is delivered via group coaching in webinars and recordings from Regan herself over the course of 5 weeks.

The training covers:

The Full Laser Coaching System

How To Get Your Clients Rapid Results

How To Breakthrough Their Blocks and Limits

How To Lead Them To The Strategy

How To Create Specific Coaching Tasks and Mindset Work For the coaches’ client

How To Go Really Deep, Really Fast

Ensuring You're Taking A Holistic Approach To Coaching

Being The Best Coach Possible

Looking into who YOU need to become in order to accelerate your clients results

How To Lead Them To Self Discovery

” It was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made

I am consistently inspired, humbled and blown away by what Regan and her team bring to the table. The amount that I have grown in the last 18 months, in all different aspects of life is beyond what I could have imagined. Not one single part of my life has been untouched and I am forever grateful. To say that I am a different human is an understatement. .”

-Dr Tamara Hume Founder of www.drtammyhume.com

why laser coaching?

Regan discovered laser coaching when she was at a time in her career of MASSIVE burnout. She had the clients, she had some success, but she didn’t have the strategy. In the pursuit of her dreams, she had unintentionally built herself a prison of an exhausting 9-5 job in her coaching practice that was causing her to feel depleted and passionless!

Ring any bells?

Regan knew she needed to create massive shifts in her business and implement a strategy that was going to take the struggle and overwhelm out of her business. That’s when she discovered laser coaching, the technique that allows you to deliver MASSIVE results for your clients in 20 minutes or less, giving you more time and energy to spend on your business, your other clients and more importantly YOURSELF!

Using the strategy of laser coaching, Regan quickly accelerated her coaching business and LIFESTYLE from overwhelm, to a multi-million dollar global company that gives Regan the time and financial freedom to live out her wildest dreams of international travel, exploring journeys of epic personal growth, meeting inspirational leaders, speaking at key events around the world, and what she always dreamed about…truly HELPING PEOPLE!

Regan is determined to help people like YOU achieve the same.

This course is perfect for you if you are feeling overwhelmed in your coaching practice and like Regan was, in serious need of a new strategy to create more time and freedom in your business. It’s ALSO perfect for you if you are just starting out in your coaching business.  Why would you want to wait until you’re burnt out to start implementing the right strategies for your business to get the results you and your clients deserve and desire?!

By becoming an accredited RHI laser coach, you are giving yourself a MASSIVE leg up to the top, which is where I know you truly desire to be. This is just the start….

See you at the top!