Why Even the Best of Us Need a Coach

It may seem strange that people who are already successful still need coaching, but the truth is that all talents must be nurtured.

Even the greatest athletes that have ever lived all knew that you can’t get by on raw talent alone. Rather, you need a great coach who can pinpoint the errors in your execution, no matter how great or small. Even subtle minute course corrections can have dramatic impacts on your results.

To illustrate this, imagine your goal is to journey to the moon. If your rocket’s aim were to drift slightly off course by only 10 degrees, you would actually wind up missing your destination by over 42,000 miles. Whereas, if you had only checked in with mission control back on Earth, you could have made some important course corrections to perfectly land on time and within mere inches of your target.

As odd as it may sound, successful people often need coaching more than others. Goal setting and motivation alone is not enough, for we find that even very ambitious people have problems staying on track. Many feel that they should be doing this and that, but in fact without their coach, they wind up doing the wrong things, or the wrong proportion of things, or sometimes they get overwhelmed and wind up doing nothing at all. A great coach is there to hold you accountable and to keep you on target and make sure that you set and hit all of your goals.

Other times it is a case where the person becomes overconfident on a certain idea or project and fails to get outside advice to sculpt better its final outcome. Sometimes the person just gets so close to the project that they can’t distance themselves to truly see the bigger picture. Whereas, because the coach isn’t emotionally attached to any particular idea or project, they, on the other hand, can quickly dissect the problem, point out the places that need correction or improvement and develop plans and strategies for a more successful outcome.

Think of your coach as being like NASA's mission control, the command center that American astronauts use to monitor their progress. They are like outside observers that will meticulously take into account all of the possible variables and outside influences to make sure that you stay on track and succeed.

And sometimes the role of the coach is to point out that maybe you are aiming your rocket at the wrong destination entirely. Sometimes instead of shooting for the moon, perhaps you may be better suited heading towards, say, Jupiter, as an alternative.

Aside from harnessing your existing talent, the best coaches also bring out qualities in you that you may never have even known you had. By working hand in hand with your coach, they will allow you to dig deep and reach your maximum potential. It’s kind of like being able to take a lump of raw carbon and allowing it to reach its full capacity and transform itself into a brilliant and flawless diamond.

If you are ready to reach your peak potential, let Regan Hillyer International help guide you in your exciting journey. Whether you are looking for life and success coaching, or even leadership and business coaching, my mission is to unlock your greatness, disrupt your version of “normal” and let you know that you can become wildly successful, now.

With a global approach to success and personal and professional development, I’m here to tell you that you really CAN have it all …

See you at the top

Regan x