Leadership and Business Coaching

What is a business or leadership coach, and why is the coaching team at Regan Hillyer International different?

At Regan Hillyer International, we welcome companies, executives, entrepreneurs, and motivated individuals who want to improve their effectiveness in business and smash through any obstacles or boundaries ostensibly placed in their way. Our business coaching program, which is sometimes referred to as executive coaching, corporate coaching, and leadership coaching, is so effective that our past clients rave about how quickly they were able to shatter their old paradigms and then achieve and surpass their new goals and objectives.

Regan knows that nowadays the business world is an arena of fierce competition, and the best way to win is to be on the cutting edge. Whether it is through branding, marketing, or mastering the fundamentals, let the business coaching team and community at Regan Hillyer International not just give you an edge, but arm you with a powerful laser that can slice through virtually anything.

We know that you already have the raw desire to succeed, or otherwise you wouldn’t be here to begin with. Let us help you use that desire to fuel your transformation and shape you into a brilliant business leader or successful entrepreneur that you were destined to become.

As your business coach, we will help you hone your strategic thinking, interpersonal and professional communication, relationship and team building, performance management, organizational effectiveness, and executive and leadership skill sets. When you partner with us, your goal setting, action planning, and implementation abilities will shoot through the roof.

Regardless of your professional goals, or even if you are in a career transition, teaming with Regan Hillyer International will help you reach greater levels of performance, improved job satisfaction, rapid personal growth, exceptional career development, and a changed mindset that will allow you to tackle any task set before you.


At Regan Hillyer International, we also work with companies and organizations. Great companies know that having strong and focused leaders in their organization makes a great difference, because leadership is what sets successful and struggling organizations apart. The strength of their leaders will always be tested in rough times, because it is in the time of crisis that organizations rise or fall.

By holding the executives accountable, our business and leadership coaches will re-instil their inner strength, help them stick to the path of their hopes, dreams, and passion even in the rough times when they may feel like giving up. We will help them reignite their resolve to focus on their original dreams and allow them to break through any mental barriers holding them back. We will push them beyond their existing limits and allow them to achieve things they never thought were possible.

Great business coaches bring the best out of a person. Their responsibility is to create a leadership philosophy and impart it to the business executives. Leadership coaching helps leaders make better and wiser decisions. When a leader makes the right choices, it benefits the company because decision-making is the most critical job of business executives. Our coaching services provide the executives with the necessary guidance and skills that ensure they lead the organization towards the right direction.


So, If you are looking for a coach that is going to be firm, hold you accountable, embolden your confidence, unlock your greatness, disrupt your version of “normal,” and let you know that you can become wildly successful, now, then partner up with Regan Hillyer International. With a global approach to business success and development, I’m here to tell you that you really CAN have it all …

See you at the top

Regan x