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Regan is passionate about making her knowledge and experiences accessible to all, so that every human can have the ability to unlock his or her greatness. Use this library of transformative information to help you achieve the success you dream of.

Reality Check on Mindset

What are you doing to call in abundance? And how's that going…?

Do you just create vision boards and repeat your well-worn mantra over and over again and hope that the successful life ‘pops’ up?

Can Anyone Create an Abundant Life?

Are you deserving of an abundant life?

You know, in my role as a life coach, entrepreneur and thought leader, I am often staggered by how many people ‘think small’ for themselves.

Your Energetic Field and How to Clear It

What’s an Energetic Field……..and REALLY?…….. It needs Cleaning?

This information massively changed my life! It released blocks that I didn't even know that I had…..it allowed me to move forward with my vision, with dramatic speed and ease.

The Millionaire Flow Cycle

What’s limiting you from bringing in the amounts of income that you truly desire? Let’s discuss the Millionaire Flow Cycle.

How to Move Forward When Others Don’t Believe in You

So often when I am talking to my clients, they say that it gets really hard, no matter how much they tell themselves that they don't care what other people think about them, it’s still difficult for them when others don't believe in their journey.

Our Frequency is our Currency

So many people that I encounter in my travels and coaching are looking for more….they want more success, more time, more money, beautiful relationships and more of the good things in their lives.

Tapping into a Higher Level of You

Tap into the higher version of you so that you can manifest at a rapid speed.

So….what does that mean? How do you achieve what you want, not only with speed, but with ease and with grace?

Three Beliefs I Have Around YOU

I really, really believe that absolutely everyone on this planet has a message.
YES…even YOU…actually, ESPECIALLY you!

Firstly, I believe that you were not just dropped on this planet to earn some money, pay some bills and die…..

How to Activate the Abundance Codes

Confused….? Lost and needing to know some sort of truth…?
What is your purpose on the planet? Why are you here…….? Want to attract more abundance into your life? Wondering how to call in a higher version of yourself and impact millions and people?


Cutting off at the pass the things that conspire to keep us small.

I believe completely that ease and flow is truly our natural state, it's a choice and and it’s the easiest choice to make.

Unleashing into Abundance

How do you disrupt your reality and unleash into abundance in every facet of your life? How do you cultivate that millionaire mindset?

You have to ask yourself….what are you calling in? Are you absolutely clear on your vision? If your vision showed up today, right now…what would it look like?

Calling In Your Cult Tribe Who Love You

Trust me when I say, there’s a better way than slogging it out with people who you don’t enjoy working with!
My clients are my ideal clients,
They’re literally soul mate clients,
And I adore working with each and every one of them.
(You know who you are!)

The Fastest Way to Manifest the Results That You Desire

One of the BEST questions that I’ve been asked about manifestation is this:
Regan, what is the FASTEST way to manifest what I desire? What’s the NUMBER one thing that I should be doing?
Which really is, a great question…

How To Build A Powerful, Loyal Team

Let’s take a breather for a second,
Team building can be easy,
And it can be FUN.
Your team is your family,
It’s your tribe that are committed to bringing your vision to life.

How To Build A Powerful Personal Brand

Here’s the thing about developing, launching, and growing your brand – your mindset is a non-negotiable and absolute number ONE priority.

Creating a Morning Ritual for Abundance

I don’t just mean financially. I mean all areas of your life: abundance in time, energy, impact, health​.